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A message from Anthony Brown

Why I'm running for the State Senate...

A note from Rep. Anthony Brown...

Dear Friends,

Too many people run for office to be something, whatever that means. Im running to DO something. Ive fought the Topeka establishment to achieve tax reform, initiate budget reforms to make government more efficient, and create a stable and secure economy to ensure opportunities for our families.

Thank you.

Anthony Brown

Together, We Have Accomplished Much...

Anthony, while in the House, has been part of achieving:

  • Prioritizing Spending, Eliminating Waste

  • Funding Education

  • Tax Reform for All Taxpayers

  • Repeal of Red Tape & Outdated Regulations

Contact Anthony today!

Anthony Brown values the input of his constituents and other concerned citizens. If you would like to contact Anthony, please e-mail him at He will get back to you at his first opportunity!

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